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Yam and Beet Soup

Yam and Beet Soup

Yam is a very nutritious food, rich in calcium and iron, has properties reducing the symptoms of PMS in women, cleaning blood and empowering the immune system.

The beet is another wonderful food. Rich in iron, potassium and magnesium, has good results in the fight against anemia, increases cardiovascular health, reduces bad cholesterol and controll blood sugar levels.

About taste, yam gives creaminess and beet vibrant color to the soup. The spices are responsable for the flavor and also help digestion.

What we can say about this soup is that it is an extremely nutritious and great food to enhance the health of the blood and the digestive power.

Does your life seek for more color?

Vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free.

Yam and Beet Soup Recipe

Serves: 2 persons

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 20 minutes


2 yams

1 beet

1 small onion

Grated ginger

Ground coriander seeds

Ground cumin seeds

Turmeric powder

Sea salt


Olive oil

1 c.s. tahini (optional)

Lemon to serve


Cook yams and beets.

Meanwhile, separately, saute onion in olive oil over low heat. When almost transparent, add the grated ginger and saute quickly. Turn off the heat, add the coriander, cumin and turmeric.

Combine using a liquidificator the spices already sauteed together the peeled yams and beet with tahini, adding water slowly until the mixture is homogeneous. Return to the pan, add salt and heat until it boils.

Serve warm and with some lemon drops to increase iron absorption by the body.

It's ready!

Tip: Use your intuition and sensitivity to harmonize the spices in the way that most please you. Create, invent!


Great choice for winter. Easy to digest. Pitta dosha should consume with caution.

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