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  • Teresa Laury

Apple, Ginger and Star Anise Tea: Warms the Body and Calms the Mind

Apple, Ginger and Star Anise Tea

In my opinion, almost all simple disorders can be treated with some kind of tea.

About this tea, according to the ancient science of Ayurveda, the sweet flavor present in apple and in star anise pacifies the mind and promotes the increase of well-being sensation.

And the spicy flavor of anise and ginger stimulates digestion and warms the body and is beneficial in cases of colds and flu.

This is a good tea to, gently, help the body to be warm in cold days.

Recipe of Apple, Ginger and Star Anise Tea

Yield: 3 servings Difficulty: Easy Time: 5 minutes


1 apple Fresh ginger 6 units of star anise 4 cups of water


Boil water with chopped apple, ginger slaces and star anise seeds for a few minutes. It's ready!

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