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  • Teresa Laury

The series "Cooked" has Premiered on Netflix

"Cooked" is the new Netflix series based on the book by Michael Pollan "Cooked, A Natural History of Transformation".

In this series, Pollan emphasizes how important it is for us to know what we eat. But in addition to know our food, he encourages us to return to the tradition of cooking for ourselves, not outsourcing to others and especially to the industry this vital task. He even mentions a research indicating that, historically, it was when we learned how to cook that we became human beings, given the relevance of this knowledge to the evolution of our species, differing in this point from all others species.

Both the series and the book are divided into four chapters, one for each element: fire, water, air and earth. It all starts with fire, showing its importance to the evolution of the human race. In water, it is based in Indian cuisine to analyze the importance of the pan and to discuss about processed foods. The element air in a passage by Morocco, rescuing the bread tradition and going deep into the science of this ancient food. And in earth, Pollan talks about the fermentation process.

I recommend you to dive into the world of cooking that this series provides and provokes!

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