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  • Teresa Laury

Apple Tartlets

Tarts are delicious desserts, mixing different textures and flavors. They are eaten for thousands of years and it seems that human being still like them.

Usually they are made with refined wheat flour and great quantity of butter. This recipe is a healthy option because it is sweetened only with fruits; instead of butter it is made with nuts and instead of refined flour we used oatmeal and whole wheat flour.

Enjoy it!

Serves: 11 units

Dificulty: Easy

Time: 4 hours to soak + 1h30min

Ingredient for crust

¾ cup dried dates

1 cup Brazil nuts

½ cup rolled oats

½ cup whole wheat flour

1 pinch of salt

Ingredients for filling

4 apples

½ lemon squeezed

2 tablespoon cinnamon powder

1 pinch of salt

Directions for crust

Soak the dates for some hours or boil quickly.

Blend the nuts until they become almost a flour. Reserve.

Blend the oats until it becomes a flour. Reserve.

Mix nuts and oat with the other dry ingredients (flour and salt).

Blend only the dates (removing water from the sauce).

Mix all ingredients. If necessary, add more water. Or more whole wheat flour.

Shape the tarts and bake them during approximately 20 minutes - 220°C.

Let cool before unmolding.

Directions for filling

Remove the peel and chop apples into pieces of about 1cm.

Take it to the extra-low heat with the cinnamon, the lemon juice, the salt and a a small quantity of water, enough not to burn.

Cook until getting the desireid consistency.

Now just fill the tars!

Garnish with nuts, cinnamon, mint leaves ...

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