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  • Teresa Laury

Brazil Nut

From a majestic tree which is popularly called the "queen of the forest", it grows up to 50 meters tall and lives up to 1000 years. It is native from Amazon region, from Guianas, Venezuela, Brazil, eastern Colombia, eastern Peru and eastern Bolivia.

Has an important function in the diet of indigenous peoples since ancient times and still today serves as a source of nutrition to the tribes.

It is an extremely nutritious, rich in protein (5 times more than cow's milk), in fat, selenium, calcium and phosphorus.

For containing large amounts of selenium, increases immune resistance, is effective for thyroid gland regulation and for prevention of cancer and, with its antioxidant function, fights free radicals. But it should be consumed in moderation, preferably one unit per day.

It is indicated for anemic persons, children, elderly, pregnant and lactating women.


As it is a difficult to digest food, consume it in the form of milk and with spices increses it digestibility. According to ayurveda, who better benefits from this milk is vata dosha, in second position pitta dosha and then the least benefit is kapha dosha.

Click here to check a Brazil nut milk recipe.

Enjoy it!

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