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  • Teresa Laury


Exactly eight years ago I was naturally led to take the most transformative attitude of my life: to become a vegetarian.

This change occured from the reflection about the impact that the food I eat causes inside and outside of me. Until that I had never questioned me about it.

What made me take this decision in the first moment was thinking and feeling the pain that a meat based eating causes to animals. And in how to eat them was like eating my own family, because it was that way I started to feel.

Time passed and I realized that about my eating choice, it was not enough to consider only the question of animal suffering. My food should also take into consideration my own well-being. Therefore, it should be healthy.

At this time, I began to say goodbye to canned, refined, artificially spiced and sugary food. At the same time, I started the search for food that could bring me health and ethics: whole, fresh, nutritious, organic, vegetarian ...

And do you know where I best found the final product that met my new lifestyle? In my kitchen. Cooking.

It was time to roll up my sleeves, tying my hair, puting the apron and starting the work!

And I felt like being carried to this place that aroused my creative, mathematical and scientific sides. While that stimulated my senses of taste, smell, touch, hearing and vision.

What a magical place that is the kitchen! And what a delight it is to eat something prepared by ourselves, just the way we like!

Continuing my discovery road, I came across feeding styles that promisses and that actually make very well to many people. But unfortunately, not me.

I discovered with the ancient science of Ayurveda that even being very healthy, each living being is unique, and what's good for some people, maybe it's bad for other ones. But some rules are basics to everyone: that the more natural, fresh and aware, and less processed and industrialized food is, the healthier it would be.

In those eight years, the concept of "ideal food" has changed numerous times for me. What has not changed was the desire to know and apply the most appropriate way to eat, taking into account health, balance and well-being of body, environment and beings that surround us.

And with you I share the results of this study. Please, feel free to enjoy it.


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